Finnish youth clubs offer high-quality hobbies for all ages, such as dance, theater, music, circus and exercise. It also organizes related events and trainings. At youth clubs, every child, young person and adult has the opportunity to practice culture, grow into an active member of the community and experience the joy of doing it! There are youth club activities both in cities and in the countryside all over Finland. The activities are carried out by local youth clubs, regional offices and a national association. The Finnish Youth Clubs is a national youth work organization whose task is to support the activities of local youth clubs. The educational and hobby activities of youth clubs promote the holistic growth of children and young people as well as active and responsible citizenship. Working together for people of different ages strengthens community and equality, and increases well-being.

The membership fee in 2021 is 9 € / member. This amount is charged to all youth clubs throughout Finland and is part of the membership fee charged by your own youth club (which usually varies between € 10-20). By paying the membership fee, you will certainly support the cultural and recreational activities of children and young people, even if it is not organized in your own youth club at the moment.